Wisdom and the Sovereignty of God

We learn true wisdom when we look at the character of God, because He is the source of all wisdom. Three verses in Proverbs illustrate the sovereignty of the God behind all wisdom.

1. God’s Counsel Is Permanent

All human wisdom apart from God is temporary. Proverbs 19:21 reads, “Many plans are in a man’s heart, but the counsel of the Lord will stand” (NASB1995).

Notice the contrast in this verse: we make many plans, but God has only one counsel. Our plans are temporary and tentative, but God’s plan is permanent and will always be accomplished. When we seek to align ourselves with our own plans rather than with God’s, they will not ultimately be established. Plans apart from God will not last in the long run.

2. God’s Plan Is Best for Us

God invites us to participate in His sovereign plan, which is holy and good for us. The more we resist God’s plan, thinking we have a better idea of what is good for us, the more we will harden ourselves against the voice of the Holy Spirit.

But to do so is dangerous and will ultimately fail (Proverbs 21:30). We need to beware of deceiving ourselves about what is best for us. After all, disobedience only displays its pleasures to us and not its consequences. We need to examine our hearts and ask the Holy Spirit to convict us when we begin to go astray, that we may surrender to Him and place our trust in Him instead of in ourselves.

3. Everything Is about God

As we make plans, we need to recognize God’s sovereignty in all things. God is the One who ultimately gives us victory (Proverbs 21:31).

Our confidence, then, ought to be in God, and not in our own human means. Wisdom is about radical dependence on God, recognizing that He is the One who fulfills all the longings of our heart.

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