Wisdom: The Lordship of Christ

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What is wisdom?

We often treat the temporal as if it were eternal. Our culture promises many paths of earthly happiness, calling us to go with the flow. But this is a soul-forming world, and we ought to be preparing ourselves for eternity in our Father’s house. Wisdom, then, is seeing this ephemeral, temporal arena as the brief sojourn that it is and living in light of eternity. Wisdom is living every component of life under the lordship of Christ.

It is easy to compartmentalize our Christianity. Instead of living for Christ, we relegate Him to a small corner of our lives. Holistic spirituality, however, teaches us to put Christ at the center of our lives. When we do so, everything flows from Him rather than from our own strength. As a result, there is no secular/sacred divide.

God calls us to know Him and enjoy Him; we do this when we have a relationship with Him. Therefore, we ought to foster an excellent relationship with God, overcoming the alienation of the Fall. This goal gives us a divine orientation on our lifelong journey as pilgrims in this world.

This is the first part of Ken’s teaching on wisdom; it is part one of two of the subseries “An Introduction to Wisdom.”

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