Brother Lawrence

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The Eight Spiritual Essentials, Part 4: Practice God’s Presence

This entry is part 4 of 8 in the series Eight Spiritual Essentials (Article Summaries)

Practicing God’s presence (the fourth essential in this series of eight) is a deeply biblical idea, though the exact phrase is never used in Scripture. Most popularly associated with Brother Lawrence, the phrase, at heart, means “discerning, and developing habits for discerning, an awareness of God’s presence.”

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Sunday Class: Life in the Presence of God

In his weekly adult Sunday school class at Christ Church of Atlanta, Dr. Boa discusses his new book Life in the Presence of God. He explains the motivation behind the book, its relationship (as a sequel) to Rewriting Your Broken Story, and an overview of its content. He also talks about the companion training guide A Guide to Practicing God’s Presence.

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