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Portrait of Dostoevsky

A Taste of the Classics: The Brothers Karamazov

Ken Boa’s favorite novel, Fyodor Dostoevesky’s “The Brothers Karamazov” explores the Christian view of redemption, as well as themes related to human nature and relationships.

Sketch by Hugh Thomson of a Scene

A Taste of the Classics: Pride & Prejudice

In a society in which money, marriage, and social status had become the measure of all morality, Jane Austen’s finest novel illustrates the need for love and respect as the basis for any happy, healthy relationship (particularly marriage).

Illustration by Gustave Dore of Paradise Lost

A Taste of the Classics: Paradise Lost

Penned in 1667, John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” is an epic poem that weaves together all the threads of Scripture to present the story of God’s redemption of humanity through a rich tapestry of extraordinary imagery.

Image of stairs

A Taste of the Classics: Mere Christianity

Published in 1952, C.S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity” came out of a series of BBC radio talks during the Second World War. The book makes the case for Christianity, seeks to delineate those beliefs common to all Christians, and discusses matters related to Christian behavior/morality.

A Taste of the Classics

Over the years, Ken Boa has taught and helpfully summarized a number of works from classic literature. This series introduces several of 16 important works.