Misconceptions of God’s Will

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series Discerning God's Will

Ken Boa looks at eight common misconceptions about God’s will. 1. “I must pray about each decision I make.” 2. “God’s will is often contrary to human reason.” 3. “To submit to God’s will I must give up my happiness.” 4. “If I follow God’s will, my problems will be over.” 5. “If I stray too far from God’s will, He won’t be able to use me again.” 6. “If I commit my life to God, He will want me to go to seminary.” 7. “I must have special confirmation before making important decisions.” 8. “God wants me to respond to every need.”

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Principles for Discerning God’s Will

This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Discerning God's Will

Communication is the main way in which we discern the will of God. It involves immersing ourselves in Scripture and coming before God in prayer. God will not guide us to do something contrary to Scripture. As we seek to discern His will, we must constantly be in prayer and examining our decisions in light of Scripture. If we think we hear God’s voice telling us to do something that is clearly contrary to Scripture (e.g., commit adultery), then it is not from God.

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Romans 14: Harmony in Diversity

This entry is part 133 of 161 in the series 365 Key Chapters of the Bible

Paul wrote the epistle to the Romans to a diverse audience. Consisting of both Jews and Gentiles, his audience had differing views on religious practices—they did not agree on the nonessentials. Romans 14 addresses the manner in which we ought to behave when faced with such a situation in our own lives.

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