Tag: Creator

Gratuitous Beauty

God has made His creation beautiful and marvelous—we cannot understand it. The more we see of His glory, the more we realize we cannot fully understand Him.

God’s Intricate Creation

God’s intricate creation reveals His glory; from the smallest of microorganisms to the grandeur of the universe, His general revelation displays who He is.

Faith and Science

Faith answers the fundamental questions of life; science can open our eyes to wonder and awe. Together they point to the splendors of God.

Our Transcendent, Immanent God

Our Creator is both transcendent and immanent. The wonders of creation point to His greatness and holiness; special revelation shows His immanence.

The Wonders of Our Creator

What role does creation play in pointing us to God? Job 38–41 answers this, showing how the wonders of the world demonstrate the wonders of our Creator.

2 Peter: The Timing of God

When will Christ return? Although the false teachers of Peter’s day thought that His delay meant He would not come back, Peter reminds his readers that God’s timing is not our own.