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An image of a cemetery outside a church on the feast of All Hallows

The Origins of Halloween and Allhallowtide

Halloween is often a divisive holiday among Christians, some celebrating it and others not. Where did Halloween come from? Is it a Christian or pagan holiday?

The Uniqueness of the Bible

The world delights in criticizing the Bible, seeking to find fault with it in any way possible. But when we address these complaints, we find them to be groundless. Examining the Bible for ourselves reveals a book that is not only a beautifully written unique masterpiece but also one that is sound and lacking in contradictions.

Women in the Bible and in Media

How does the representation of Eve in the Bible affect the portrayal of women in contemporary media? Recognizing and responding to errant worldviews that answer questions like these is an important part of training to follow Christ in our digitally saturated society.

Cultivating Character

You will either judge Scripture according to your culture, or you will judge your culture according to Scripture. We are immersed in chaos in our culture in many ways. But we know that the King is coming, and we need to cultivate character to live in light of that Day.