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prays a mature man with pornography addiction is there hope

Pornography Addiction: Is There Hope?

Want to escape a pornography addiction but feel like you’re losing the battle of self-control? There’s hope for new habits, help if you want it, and freedom from addiction. This article explores the underlying reasons for porn’s strong draw and what those reasons teach us about our hopes and pleasures.

Our True Pursuit

“What do you seek?” We ought to ask ourselves this question Jesus asks at the outset of His ministry (John 1:38). Our choices show us what we truly pursue.

A Disciple’s Perspective

The things of this world clamor for our attention. But they are not worthy of pursuit—they will pass away.

The Desires of Your Heart

What is your heart’s desire? The book of Proverbs teaches us to recalibrate our lives toward what is eternal rather than what is temporal.

Meditating on Memory Verses

In order to move from skimming to digging deeper in God’s Word, you must reorient your desires. Put practical steps in place as you seek to memorize Scripture.

Four Transforming Words

When we experience difficulty in our faith, four simple words from Psalm 37 can transform our walk with God: trust, delight, commit, and wait.