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Jenny Abel Video Screen Capture

Walking with God in the Valley

Jenny Abel describes her struggle with infertility through the song “Christ is Mine Forevermore.” Though we walk in a valley, God will not waste our pain.

Head shot of Nate Hoff, Seminary Professor

Moving From Despair to Hope

Seminary professor Nate Hoff describes his spiral into depression and crisis before God graciously intervened in his suffering, moving him from despair to hope.

1 Peter Study, Part 13 (at Christ Church): Spheres of Authority II

Dr. Boa continues his discussion of the practical application of the spheres of God ordained authority.  Peter transitions from governing authorities to that of the work place.  There is no dichotomy between the sacred and the secular. We are called to do our work as to the Lord rather than for men.  As we look to Him as the Source and to Him for the outcome, we pursue a higher standard than we would otherwise.