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Our True Pursuit

“What do you seek?” We ought to ask ourselves this question Jesus asks at the outset of His ministry (John 1:38). Our choices show us what we truly pursue.

Living in the Presence of God

Intimacy with Christ results in activity in the world, not the other way around. In order to do things for Christ, we first need to be in Him.

Our Position in the Heavenly Places

It is often said that comparison is the enemy of contentment—and this is true. We find security only in our position in Christ in the heavenly places.

A Disciple’s Perspective

The things of this world clamor for our attention. But they are not worthy of pursuit—they will pass away.

Nurturing Spirituality, Part 14: A Biblical Philosophy of Evangelism II

The agricultural imagery used in the Bible for the process of evangelism shows us that there are at least four stages: (1) Preparing the soil, (2) Sowing the Seed, (3) Cultivating the soil, and (4) Reaping the harvest. Stage four is the one many Christians tend to focus on, but we must remember that it is God who is responsible for the end results.