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Romans 15: Who Are We?

How do we know what our lives should look like? The world tries to pin many identities on us, but Paul makes it clear: Scripture is our guide.

Romans 14: Harmony in Diversity

Paul wrote the epistle to the Romans to a diverse audience. Consisting of both Jews and Gentiles, his audience had differing views on religious practices—they did not agree on the nonessentials. Romans 14 addresses the manner in which we ought to behave when faced with such a situation in our own lives.

Romans 12: Putting Faith into Practice

How do we put our faith into practice? Paul addresses this topic in Romans 12, focusing on how personal consecration leads to corporate transformation.

Barriers Broken Down

Sin separates, but grace brings things together. If we have been saved by the blood of Christ, then we are part of His Body in all its unity and diversity.

1 Peter Study, Part 14 (at Christ Church): Marriage God’s Way

Dr. Boa discusses the notion of marriage God’s way.  It is a one-flesh relationship that is borne out of a calling for a man and a woman to complete one another.  It is a unity out of diversity; a spirit, soul, and physical oneness; an organic unity that points beyond itself to spiritual truth.

1 Peter Study, Part 10 (at Christ Church): How Much Is Enough?

Few people have answered the question:  ‘How much is enough?’ and so they are not content.  If you are not content with what you have, you surely won’t be content with what you want, because that moving target will continue on.  Dr. Boa offers a pathway to contentment which only comes through the living Word of God.  This Word of God is not just a moral mirror, but has the power to transform.