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Biblical Hope in Times of Loss

Below are some Scriptures, plus links to other resources, that provide perspective and encouragement at times of loss. These verses are good texts for reading at funerals or at other times in the face of loss of various kinds.

Watch a video of Ken teaching on the subject of hope amidst loss. 

Job 14:14:

If a man dies, will he live again?

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1 Peter Study, Part 1 (at Christ Church): The Glory Will Endure

This entry is part 1 of 26 in the series 1 Peter Study (at Christ Church)

Dr. Boa provides an overview of the first epistle of Peter.  It is a book of encouragement and hope to a people who are oppressed and persecuted.  There are three overarching themes throughout this book:  suffering, glory and grace.  By God’s grace, He transmutes the lead of suffering into the gold of glory; a glory that will endure.

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