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Ephesians 6: The Armor of God

Note: Ken Boa spends the first part of this lesson finishing up his teaching on Ephesians 5. The section on the armor of God begins at 34:39. Paul concludes his letter to the Ephesians by exhorting his readers to “be strong in the Lord and in the strength

Resisting the Devil

Every Christian will come under spiritual attack at some point. Prepare now by meditating on God‘s truth, putting on the full armor of God.

Warfare Spirituality: Part 15—The Armor of God

Dr. Boa explains the power Christians are able to access by putting on the armor of God. The five defensive and two offensive weapons enable the believer to stand firm against the schemes of the devil.

Warfare Spirituality: Part 9

Ken Boa emphasizes the importance of believing that demons exist. He explains their nature and work. Demons’ most destructive activity is perverting the gospel of grace.

Warfare Spirituality: Part 7

Ken Boa teaches the third front of spiritual warfare with Satan and his demonic hosts. The names for Satan that reveal his position are “the ruler of this world” and “the prince of the power of the air.” His names that reveal his practices are “Satan” or “adversary,”