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Reflecting Christ in Your Lifestyle

Our busy culture distracts us from practicing God’s presence every moment of the day. But there are steps we can take so our lifestyle reflects Christ.

Practicing God’s Presence

Informal times with God are crucial to our relationship with Him. Practicing His presence involves taking advantage of kairos time and developing our relationship with Him.

The Spiritual Life: Practicing God’s Presence – Praise and Reflection

Revelation reveals to us that the Logos, the second person of the Trinity, became one of us and shed His blood on our behalf. Reflection on the truth of God’s Word gives us a greater appreciation for beauty of God’s works, which enjoins us to the delight of God’s praise.

The Spiritual Life: Relationship with God

Unlike other religions, Christianity reveals the Triune nature of our glorious God. This is mysterious in itself—but God goes even farther and draws us into this loving relationship with Himself.

The Spiritual Life: Overview

What does it mean to have life in Christ? How do you cultivate intimacy with the Lord? There are three aspects to having a relational spiritual life: (1) loving God completely, (2) loving yourself correctly, and (3) loving others compassionately. One cannot begin this process without first knowing who God is.