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The Goodness and Justice of God

The goodness and justice of God are two attributes that have important implications for us as Christians. What does it mean for God to be good or to be just? In the end, because God is perfectly good and perfectly just, we can trust Him and know that

Satisfaction in God

God calls us to live doxologically in every aspect of our lives—even when we experience suffering. The book of God teaches us to find satisfaction in God no matter our circumstances, transforming our “why” of grumbling into one of gratitude.

Living as Salt and Light

How do you live as salt and light? You must lean into the wellspring of truth, looking to the example of Christ and the fullness of His life.

Learning from Adversity

We can draw three applications from Job: “Why” is a difficult question to answer, we should comfort the suffering, and God uses suffering to test us.

The Four Whys of Pain

There are four responses to difficult circumstances: The Why of Grumbling, the Why of Grief, the Why of Guidance, and the Why of Gratitude.

The Kingdom in 7 Gs

The kingdom of God can be described in 7 Gs: God’s greatness, goodness, and grace; our gratitude, growing, and going; and the final state of glory.

Devotional Spirituality: Part 1—Intro & Overview of 12 Facets

Ken Boa introduces a new teaching series, “Devotional Spirituality,” which involves growing in intimacy with Christ, reveling in God’s glorious attributes, and aspiring to lay hold of His desires for us. The series is based on Facet 6 of his best-selling spiritual formation text, Conformed to His Image.

Warfare Spirituality: Part 8

Ken Boa continues to teach Satan’s program against all humanity. Examples: the blinding of the unsaved to the gospel, spiritual counterfeits and promotion of the pursuit of the occult. Against believers, he destroys ministries, persecutes saints, causes them to doubt God’s love, leads them to act independently of