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Exodus 19: The Covenant to Come

God is about to reveal the standards and requirements that He mandates for His people, not to be tyrannical, but rather for their good. His desire is that “If you’ll only obey and walk in My ways then all would be well for You.”

1 Peter Study, Part 12 (at Christ Church): Spheres of Authority I

Dr. Boa addresses the practical application of the spheres of God ordained authority.  We are people under divinely ordained authority and we are called to a lifestyle of submission.  Dr. Boa encourages us to press on to the higher calling of God and to walk in obedience to the things He has called us to pursue.

1 Peter Study, Part 11 (at Christ Church): Living A Holy Life

Peter transitions from addressing the richness of our salvation in Christ to practical application and the pulls that wage war against our souls.  Dr. Boa discusses this inner-outward conflict that we all encounter and encourages us to live in such a way that our words and our works and our lives and our lips coincide.

1 Peter Study, Part 8 (at Christ Church): Rewriting Your Broken Story

We all have broken stories and Peter wants us to understand that we can rewrite our story.  We can imbed our story in a greater narrative that begins and ends well.  When we are a part of God’s story our life matters.  When we keep an eternal perspective we understand that the adversity and afflictions of this life will only be brief and the glory will endure.

1 Peter Study, Part 7 (at Christ Church): Applying What You See

Peter admonishes his readers to have an uplook and an outlook..  Our uplook determines our outlook and our outlook determines our behavior.  As we look up, we are to apply what we see. We are called to become a people who manifest the new life in this present world.