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The Goodness and Justice of God

The goodness and justice of God are two attributes that have important implications for us as Christians. What does it mean for God to be good or to be just? In the end, because God is perfectly good and perfectly just, we can trust Him and know that

The Grace and Justice of God

Is God fair? Does He even care? These two questions are the heart of our objection to Christianity regarding those who have never heard the gospel.

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A Taste of the Classics: Mere Christianity

Published in 1952, C.S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity” came out of a series of BBC radio talks during the Second World War. The book makes the case for Christianity, seeks to delineate those beliefs common to all Christians, and discusses matters related to Christian behavior/morality.

Warfare Spirituality: Part 5

Ken Boa presents a set of “Personal Affirmations for Handling Temptations” that can be applied in the areas of anger, revenge, sex, and coveting.

Warfare Spirituality: Part 4

Ken Boa teaches on spiritual warfare that involves the flesh, with an emphasis on the resources available to the believer for victory. We are new creatures and Christ desires to live out the fruit of the Spirit through us.

1 Peter Study, Part 16 (at Christ Church): A Living Sacrifice

Peter continues to prepare his readers for upcoming persecution and opposition.  He encourages them to always be prepared to make a defense for the hope that is in them.  Dr. Boa expounds on this notion of turning from fear to faith and sanctifying Christ as Lord in our hearts so that the shalom within us becomes evident to others.

1 Peter Study, Part 13 (at Christ Church): Spheres of Authority II

Dr. Boa continues his discussion of the practical application of the spheres of God ordained authority.  Peter transitions from governing authorities to that of the work place.  There is no dichotomy between the sacred and the secular. We are called to do our work as to the Lord rather than for men.  As we look to Him as the Source and to Him for the outcome, we pursue a higher standard than we would otherwise.

1 Peter Study, Part 10 (at Christ Church): How Much Is Enough?

Few people have answered the question:  ‘How much is enough?’ and so they are not content.  If you are not content with what you have, you surely won’t be content with what you want, because that moving target will continue on.  Dr. Boa offers a pathway to contentment which only comes through the living Word of God.  This Word of God is not just a moral mirror, but has the power to transform.