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Galatians 5: Freedom from the Law

“At least I’m better than them.” Our natural tendency is to take this attitude of comparison, believing that we deserve heaven because we are better than others. But the standard of comparison is not horizontal—it’s vertical.

Romans 2: The Universal Moral Law

God has made Himself known, so all people are without excuse, and we all walk in disobedience. But the good news is that He has given us Jesus to redeem us.

Deuteronomy 5: The Purpose of the Law

What was the purpose of the Law, and how were Old Testament believers saved? The Law points to our need for grace before a holy God, and the foundation of salvation has always been Christ.

Acts 15: How Are We Saved?

Are we saved by works or by grace? Ken Boa looks at Acts 15 to show that salvation is by faith and grace alone; works are the byproduct of a living faith.

Leviticus 16: The Holiness of God

The people whom God has called must be sanctified in order to reflect His holiness. The book of Exodus told the story of God redeeming the Israelites and calling them to be a holy nation. Now, Leviticus represents a guidebook for the new nation of Israel.

The 7 Feasts of Israel: Overview

At first, the 7 feasts of Israel may not seem like something Christians need to worry about. But these feasts are prophetic, typifying the coming of the Messiah. Israel’s feasts demonstrate the holiness of God and the sinfulness of humanity, looking ahead to the efficacious sacrifice of Christ.