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1 Kings 11: The Downfall of Solomon

If one of the wisest men who walked the earth turned away from God, then who are we to think we are immune from such a danger? We must cling to God all the days of our lives.

Loving Others as Jesus Loved Us

We’re all familiar with the Golden Rule: treat others as you would like to be treated. Jesus mentions this maxim several times throughout the Gospels (e.g., Matthew 7:12; Luke 6:31), and when asked what the greatest commandment in the Law was, He answered that the entire Law and

Loving God Completely

God has perfect community within the unity and diversity of the Trinity. We, being made in the image of God, are relational beings as well.

The End in Mind

It is possible to be alive and yet never really live. If you never ask the right questions about your purpose, you will go through life as if in a catatonic state. But living with the end in mind is a reminder to look to Christ.

Perception: Cultivating a Seeing Eye

What does it look like to live as a disciple of Christ in this world? One of the ten marks of a disciple is perception: learning to use nature to amplify your delight in and fear of the Lord.

Honoring God in Our Marriages

Out of our joy, love, and gratitude in Christ, we are to love others. As we keep in step with the Spirit, recalibrating our lives to obey His voice, we will approach our relationships with love—including the marriage relationship.

Living as Salt and Light

How do you live as salt and light? You must lean into the wellspring of truth, looking to the example of Christ and the fullness of His life.

Living by the Spirit

How do you make the most of your time? Obedience to God and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit are key to the Christian life.

Joshua 1: Listening to the Lord

True leadership comes from following God—meditating on His Word to know and love Him more. The life of Joshua gives us an example of this leadership.