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A Biblical View of Purpose, Part 1: Knowing Where You’re Going

[lead]Most people seem to journey through years, even decades, without seriously wrestling with the fundamental question of why they are here on earth, where their journey is taking them, and what they want their lives to add up to in the end.[/lead] These people may occasionally wonder, What

1 Peter Study, Part 18 (at Christ Church): Arming for Adversity

Dr. Boa encourages us as Peter encouraged his readers to arm ourselves for adversity by keeping an eternal perspective in this temporal world.  We want to treasure the not yet over the now even when this world presses in upon us.  Biblical faith invites us to contextualize this brief earthly sojourn with the eternity of heaven.

1 Peter Study, Part 8 (at Christ Church): Rewriting Your Broken Story

We all have broken stories and Peter wants us to understand that we can rewrite our story.  We can imbed our story in a greater narrative that begins and ends well.  When we are a part of God’s story our life matters.  When we keep an eternal perspective we understand that the adversity and afflictions of this life will only be brief and the glory will endure.