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A Question on Films

What films do you recommend? Do you have any film watching tips?

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Films and Leadership

This article from Inc.com ties together two areas of Ken Boa’s expertise, film and leadership; it examines 10 films that help teach leadership.

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100 Greatest Foreign Films

In this top 100 foreign film list from DigitalDreamDoor, we highlight films also on Ken Boa’s list of recommended films due to their combination of artistic merit and spiritual/moral themes.

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Comparative Film Studies & Auteur Focuses

Supplementing Ken Boa’s film recommendations list, this is a list of film series ripe for comparative study (same filmmaker, same director, different director but same theme, and movie-to-book comparisons).

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Films with Spiritual & Moral Themes

Ken Boa’s oft-requested list of suggested films that have spiritual and moral themes. A longer list follows a short list of top recommendations.