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2 Peter: The Fate of the False Teachers

There is a huge difference between the fate of the false teachers and the fate of the righteous. While He brings judgment on the false teachers, God has given His children an undefiled and unfading inheritance.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Genesis 9

After the Flood, the Lord reinstated His command for people to “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth”; He also allowed the eating of animals (not only plants), and He made a covenant with Noah.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Genesis 8

Ken Boa teaches on Genesis 8, the beginning of the post-Flood world, in which Noah is commanded to repopulate the earth and, as a part of His mission of deliverance and redemption, God makes a promise never to destroy the earth again with a catastrophic deluge. This is

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Genesis 6

Genesis 6 documents the radical measures God took to address increasingly rampant human wickedness and preserve a godly remnant of people for Himself, through one family.