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1 Kings 10: Disobedience for Glory

God wants us to depend on Him and His power through the circumstances of life. Material wealth and fame will not bring us satisfaction and hope. The only enduring hope we have is in the LORD.

Wisdom and Wealth

In this session, Ken Boa discusses the biblical theme of money, using the timeless wisdom of Proverbs to derive certain principles that will help you understand the value of wealth as well as its limitations.

The Character of the Wise

What are the characteristics of the wise? Ken Boa looks at seven of them through the book of Proverbs: humility, loyalty, teachability, righteousness, godly speech, forgiveness, and thoughtfulness.

An Inside-Out Life

What does it mean to live an inside-out life? Join Ken Boa as he looks at Ephesians 4:25–32 and how we love our neighbors in the power of the Spirit.

Romans 3: Righteousness in Christ

We are all in need of a heart transplant—everyone has fallen short of the glory of God. But Jesus Christ has justified us through His own righteousness.

Romans 2: The Universal Moral Law

God has made Himself known, so all people are without excuse, and we all walk in disobedience. But the good news is that He has given us Jesus to redeem us.

Romans 1: A Practical Theology

The book of Romans balances theology with practice, presenting the problem of sin, the beauty of salvation, and the transformed Christian life.

The Characteristics of the Wise

What are the characteristics of the wise? The book of Proverbs shows us 7 of them, all of which relate to our relationships.