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What Is My Purpose and Calling?

It is important to realize that, while evangelism is a key part of this calling, edification is the end game. We are not called to make only converts, but disciples—ones who becomes like the Master. Our universal purpose, then, is to love God with our whole life by becoming more like Christ and by making disciples who do the same.

A Transcendent Purpose

God’s purpose for our lives transcends our career and present circumstances. This involves both a universal and a unique purpose.

A Purpose-Filled Life

God has given you both a universal and a unique purpose in life. He calls you to a life of ministry through your unique circumstances and the prism of your personality.

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Transitioning Well: Part 1

This podcast is from Ken Boa’s presentation on transitioning well from midlife, delivered March 21, 2019, to a men’s event organized by the Center for Executive Leadership in Birmingham, AL.