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2 Peter: A High Calling to Holiness

The best antidote for heretical teachings and spiritual counterfeits is a firm grasp of biblical truth and growth in the personal knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

2 Peter: Resources for Righteousness

Where do we find truth, and how does if affect us? The book of 2 Peter affirms the truth of the Word of God and shows how God has given us all the resources for righteousness that we need in Christ.

2 Peter: Living in Light of the End

The apparent delay of Christ’s return is due to His patience with sinful humanity. He desires more and more people to come to a saving knowledge of Christ before He comes in judgment. Therefore, Peter exhorts us to live each day in light of that coming Day and to grow in our knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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A Taste of the Classics: Mere Christianity

Published in 1952, C.S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity” came out of a series of BBC radio talks during the Second World War. The book makes the case for Christianity, seeks to delineate those beliefs common to all Christians, and discusses matters related to Christian behavior/morality.

1 Peter Study, Part 3 (at Christ Church): Endless Revelation

Dr. Boa explores the nature and mystery of the triune God and the living hope that is grounded in the Word of God and in the Son.  He reminds us, as we reflect on the inheritance reserved in heaven for us, to be a people of gratitude who understand that all of life is gift and all of life is grace.