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Holistic Spirituality: Part 42—Purpose

Every person has an ultimate purpose, a universal purpose, and a unique purpose. A life of integrity unites these purposes, so that our daily life and activities align with, or flow out from, our primary calling to know God and be conformed to the image of His Son.

Holistic Spirituality: Part 35—Stewardship & Purpose

Ken Boa introduces the final section of this series: Stewardship and Purpose. Today, stewardship is even more vital and challenging because we have additional time (longevity), options, and resources than previous generations. Whether young or old, we should seek to live wisely and not squander our time or resources in self-centered living.

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A Biblical View of Purpose, Part 2: Discerning God’s Calling

Make sure you’ve read “A Biblical View of Purpose, Part 1” first. [lead]We can’t lay hold of God’s unique purpose for our lives without spending time with him and inviting him to clarify his purpose for us in his timing and way.[/lead] It is never too late to

Practicing the Presence of God: Part 28

Dr. Boa discusses how the mind works, and how we can renew our minds to become the people we were created to be. We can remind ourselves all the time that we were meant for more than this world.