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Purpose in Evil

Why hasn’t God put an end to evil? If it were on our terms, we would eliminate the cruel world leaders, murderers, thieves, natural disasters, and diseases. But God’s approach is far more radical.

The Cause of Evil

Look around you, watch a minute of the news, and you will see suffering. It is an unavoidable part of life. But where did evil come from? As we ask this question and look for answers, we’ll find that the biblical Christian worldview gives us a robust answer to the problem of evil.

Why Did God Allow Evil?

Despite our attempts to solve the problem of evil by eliminating either God or evil, only a recognition that our good God will conquer evil gives us hope.

Why the Innocent Suffer

Why do the innocent suffer? If God is so loving and powerful, why doesn’t He end suffering? This common objection is an opportunity for the gospel.