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A Celebration of Easter

The celebration of Easter is more than a celebration of the past; it is also a pointer to the future resurrected bodies and the glory we will have in Christ.

Ruth 2: A Cameo of Grace and Goodness

Ruth 2 is a cameo of God’s grace and goodness. In the midst of the wicked period of the judges, Boaz stood out as a shining light, showing God’s grace to the least, last, and lost. We too are called to be agents of light in this present darkness. We are called to have a different vision and not to be defined by the things of this world.

Q&A Session: August 13, 2021

Ken Boa answers questions concerning the problem of evil, the age of the earth, lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic, and more.

The Wisdom of James

The book of James inverts the world’s value system, contrasting the way of the Word with the way of the world, and urging us to choose the way of the Word.

Our Transcendent, Immanent God

Our Creator is both transcendent and immanent. The wonders of creation point to His greatness and holiness; special revelation shows His immanence.

365 Key Chapters of the Bible: John 1

Who is Jesus? He is many things. John tells us that He is the Word, God in the flesh, and the light and life of men. Most of all, this Jesus is the One who has come to save the world.

Favorite Psalms: Psalm 119

All but three of Psalm 119’s 176 verses mention the law of God or one of seven other synonyms for His law. Ken Boa shows four things this psalm encourages us to do to apply the truth of His law or Word to circumstances of adversity and suffering.