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Isnt Christianity just a psychological crutch

Isn’t Christianity Just a Psychological Crutch?

Isn’t Christianity just a psychological crutch? We frequently hear this objection to Christianity in one form or another: it’s an invention that helps emotionally weak people; it enables the purposeless to create meaning for themselves; it is merely the result of preconditioning. When someone comes to us with this objection, that is an opportunity to point them to Christ. We need to think well and understand the ins and outs of this objection in order to address it.

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Is Christ the Only Way to God

Jesus: Lord of All

Teacher. Moral example. Good person. These are common modern descriptions of Jesus, but we need to ask, what did Jesus say about Himself? Although we may attempt to soften Jesus’ words or change His identity to be that of a mere teacher, if we take the New Testament seriously, we see that Jesus claimed to be God.

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