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Does Christmas have Pagan roots?

Is it true the celebration of Christmas has pagan origins? What about the various traditions and symbols associated with Christmas such as Christmas trees and Yule logs? Historical investigation decidedly answers the question. No, Christmas is not pagan.

The Grace and Justice of God

Is God fair? Does He even care? These two questions are the heart of our objection to Christianity regarding those who have never heard the gospel.

Image as Declaration Casting a Vision to the World

“Image is everything.” We have often heard this, and for the sake of a photograph, it is true. But when it comes to reality, if there is a gap between the image and what is behind the image, then that image is simply a façade.

More than Knowledge

Unlike the gods of other religions, we have a God who has chosen to make Himself known to us so that we can have a relationship with Him.

The Study of God

In every order of magnitude, what is God telling us about Himself? The beauty we see in creation should drive us to seek to know Him in Scripture. Knowing God—not just in your head, but in your heart—will make all the difference in your life.

Christianity: Not a Crutch, but a Cure

We need to think well and realize that the Christian faith is founded on fact. The object of our faith is key. Although the amount of our faith may change, but the object—the person and work of Christ—never will. As a result, Christianity is not a crutch—it’s the cure.

Isn’t Christianity Just a Psychological Crutch?

Isn’t Christianity just a psychological crutch? We frequently hear this objection to Christianity in one form or another: it’s an invention that helps emotionally weak people; it enables the purposeless to create meaning for themselves; it is merely the result of preconditioning. When someone comes to us with this objection, that is an opportunity to point them to Christ. We need to think well and understand the ins and outs of this objection in order to address it.

Jesus: Lord of All

Teacher. Moral example. Good person. These are common modern descriptions of Jesus, but we need to ask, what did Jesus say about Himself? Although we may attempt to soften Jesus’ words or change His identity to be that of a mere teacher, if we take the New Testament seriously, we see that Jesus claimed to be God.

Tolerance Despite Difference

Having a claim to exclusivity does not automatically mean something is incorrect. But having a truth claim does not mean we toss tolerance out the window. Instead, we have tolerance despite difference with love, holding on to our views while respecting those of others.