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365 Key Chapters of the Bible: Genesis 3

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series 365 Key Chapters of the Bible

Ken Boa discusses the critical book of Genesis 3, where we gain an understanding of the condition of mankind and the world today. Without this chapter, little else in the Bible makes sense. Here, we see that the primary problem is our broken relationship with God due to our sin.

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Kierkegaard’s King and Maiden Story


Nineteenth-century philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote the following parable, which has been widely circulated. It alludes to the Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs), where King Solomon is shown disguising himself as a shepherd to win the heart of a Shulamite woman.

The king was like no other king. Every statesman trembled before his power. No one dared breathe a word against him,

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