God Has Called You

God Has Called You

Apologetics is more than a mere intellectual exercise. There is richness in investigating the common objections to Christianity and finding that God is not threatened by our questions. Instead, the deeper we dig, the more we will find that Christianity can support these questions. If we approach these questions through prayer and in the power of the Holy Spirit, our faith will grow.

One common objection to Christianity comes from a question about God’s justice—what about those who never heard the gospel? Will they be sent to hell, and, if so, is that fair?

When addressing objections like this, we need to remember that sharing the gospel is not just for the “professionals.” God has called you to share the gospel in your sphere of influence, overcoming the three barriers to Christianity. 

Three Barriers to Christianity

There are three basic barriers to Christianity: emotional, intellectual, and volitional.

The emotional barrier is caused by bad experiences with Christianity. Consider the common portrayal of priests or pastors in TV shows: they are often foolish or arrogant and, in the case of detective shows, very often the murderer! This portrayal stems from the unChristlike behavior of specific priests and pastors, and the only way to overcome it is through relationships. Instead of demonstrating the same toxic behavior as the so-called Christians who caused the bad experiences, we need to love and serve those around us. In so doing, we will point to Christ.

The intellectual barrier is based on bad information. Many people are ill informed regarding Scripture and the truths of Christianity. The things they have heard are secondhand or even thirdhand, and so they misunderstand what Christianity claims. To respond to this barrier, be ready to turn objections into opportunities. If you don’t have an answer the first time a question is asked, don’t worry! Go and learn, and be prepared for the next question.

Finally, there is the volitional barrier, which occurs because people love sin more than God; they do not want to change their ways. This barrier can only be overcome by prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit.

As people come to you with these barriers, remember that it is not simply up to the “professionals” to address these issues. Instead, God can and does work through you. God has called you to share the gospel in your particular sphere of influence. You are God’s agent, not a spectator.

Sharing the Gospel

One objection people may approach you with is the question of what happens to people who have never heard the gospel. As you answer this objection, keep in mind God’s sovereignty. God has sent us to spread the gospel in our sphere of influence. God has called you, and He is inviting you to participate in His kingdom work. And if you refuse that call, He is more than able to send someone else to accomplish His purposes, but you will miss out on the richness of obedience.

You and I can do the work of an evangelist. We can overcome the three barriers to Christianity in our relationships. Pray for opportunities and for guidance. Spend time in God’s Word and learn what truth is. In doing so, you will be able to respond to those who have objections.

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