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Are Faith and Science Compatible? (In Question)


Edited Transcript

Note: This transcript picks up where the audio recording of Michael Stewart (host) and Ken Boa (guest speaker) begins (mid-sentence) and fills in necessary info in brackets.

Michael Stewart (MS): He [David Berlinski] wrote a book [The Devil’s Delusion] dealing with the issue we’ll talk about tonight: science, faith, reason, the interaction of these things. He said,

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Evangelism in a Postmodern World, Part 1: The Significance of Evangelism

Evangelism in our increasingly postmodern world is a complex and multifaceted endeavor, as members of churches and Christian outreach ministries strive to proclaim the message of salvation and newness of life in Christ in relevant and effective ways. Becoming familiar with reasons evangelism is significant, approaches to evangelism, and arenas in which it occurs can greatly enhance the effectiveness of outreach and evangelism ministries.

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