Daily Encouragement: Day 303

Adapted from Handbook to Spiritual Growth


The better we grasp the love and goodness of God’s character, the less we will be tempted to think that He is carrying out His plans at our expense. It is always to our advantage to conform to His will, because it leads to our highest good.

God’s love is manifested in the fact that He is a giver. From the very beginning, He has given in spite of the fact that people have rejected His gifts more than received them. The essence of love is to give and to seek the highest good of the recipient.

God’s goodness is manifested in His plan of bringing salvation upon the earth and in His ultimate intention for humanity. He wants to be kind to us forever and He is committed to our joy. God always acts for our benefit—He is the initiator of redemption, blessings, beauty, and purpose in life.

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