Daily Scripture: Year 1, Day 11

From A Journal of Sacred Readings

How great is Your goodness,
Which You have stored up for those who fear You,
Which You have prepared for those who take refuge in You
Before the sons of men!
(Psalm 31:19)

Read: Slowly read the Scripture passage several times.

Reflect: Reflect and ruminate on the words and phrases in the text. Which words, phrases, or images speak most to you?

Respond: Offer the internalized passage back to God in the form of a personalized prayer of adoration, confession, renewal, petition, intercession, affirmation, or thanksgiving.

Rest: What word or image encapsulates the spirit of the passage for you? Take a few minutes to present yourself before God in silence and yieldedness. When your mind wanders, center yourself by returning to the spirit of the passage.

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