Being, Knowing, and Doing—Part 30 (Stewardship Continued)

This entry is part 30 of 44 in the series Being, Knowing, and Doing

The Scriptures teach us that people are made in the imago Dei, the image of God. This gives us an intrinsic worth surpassing that of any other created thing. We are eternal beings, appointed once to die and then to be resurrected either to life or to judgment. Because of this truth, everything else in life can be treated as means to a greater end. But when it comes to fellow human beings, we must treat each other as ends, not means.

Let us then use the means we have—our time, talent, and treasure—to help people trust Jesus and live like Him. This use of what God has given us has incalculable worth.

This teaching is part 30 of a subseries on stewardship in the larger series, “Being, Knowing & Doing: How Godly Principles Strategically Affect Men’s Everyday Lives.”

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