The intersection of science, faith, and reason and how the world points beyond itself to the Designer.

Is Evolution True

A Critical Look at Darwinian Evolution

Where did we come from? This question of man’s origins has long been at the center of the thoughts of philosophers, scientists, and “ordinary” people alike. How we answer this question informs our answers to many other fundamental questions, such as: 

Where are we going?
Why are we here? 

Humanity’s actual origin—that is, how people came to be—informs our views of life,

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Science Faith and Reason Part 3

Science, Faith, and Reason: Biogenesis and Information Theory

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Science, Faith, and Reason

In the 19th century, individual cells were thought to be the simple building blocks that made up complex organisms. Since then, however, we have discovered that the cells themselves are just as complex as the organisms they are a part of. The more we study them, the more astonishing and elegant they appear.

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Time: Part 6—Time & Eternity

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God put a longing for eternity in our hearts; when we die, time will continue forever, in a way only God can see fully, with qualitative differences from our current experience of time. The process of aging will cease, and time will no longer constrain us or drag us down.

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Time: Part 5—Time & History

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Time

Unlike the circular/cyclical view of time taken by the ancient Greeks and today by Hindus, biblical time is linear, centered around the resurrection of Jesus Christ and building to the final climax in history when He returns again.

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