Michael Card Interview on Astronomy, Art, and the Presence of God

May 13, 2019

Ken Boa was a featured guest on a new “In the Studio with Michael Card” podcast that aired today. On the show—which is hosted by the singer-songwriter, musician, and author—the two discussed “their shared interest in astronomy, art, and living out the message of the word of God.”1

During the podcast, Ken emphasized a key point from his book Life in the Presence of God: that everything matters. In other words, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, with the working of the Holy Spirit in us and a measure of intentionality and training on our part, we can become more aware of God’s presence and voice. This can occur whether we’re gazing up at the stars or plodding through the most mundane or difficult parts of daily life.

Listen to the podcast here (Ken’s segment runs about 18 minutes in length, from 6:49 to about 24:35):

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  1. “Ken Boa—Lament,” In the Studio with Michael Card (aired May 13, 2019).