8 Spiritual Essentials (at First Redeemer): #8 Living Each Day Well

8 Spiritual Essentials (at First Redeemer): #8 Living Each Day Well

Ken Boa explores the final of eight “spiritual essentials” (core aspects of the Christian faith)—Living Each Day Well—during his Friday morning men’s study at First Redeemer Church (Cumming, GA). This essential focuses on our need to live for the things that last, rather than trivial things that don’t last beyond our earthbound journey.

Too many of us miscalculate the brevity of life and the length of eternity; we might trust and hope in Jesus for our eternal future, but we put our hope and trust in temporal things for everything else, and thus, at the end of our lives, we’re full of regret that we didn’t spend our time and resources on what really matters. We’re wise if we place our hope and trust in what God says is important: chiefly, our relationship with Him (including His Word) and other people (as eternal beings whom God loves and wants to redeem).

Three questions to consider:

  1. How can I live each day in light of that day?
  2. Is there any unfinished business in your life?
  3. How are you numbering your days (Psalm 90:12)?

For a summary of this essential, check out this article.

Are you local (near Cumming, GA)? Any men who live in or near north Atlanta are invited to attend this study on Friday mornings at 7 a.m. More details here.

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