Relational Spirituality Part 3: A Proper Perspective

Where can we find a proper perspective?

We must begin with God. He is the unchanging foundation whose truth endures forever. He is also the wellspring of all good and beauty. And He communicates truth, goodness, and beauty to us because we are bearers of the image of God. We can see this in that we:

  1. have a rational mind,
  2. practice a moral capacity, and
  3. have an appreciation for aesthetic quality.

Part of being the image of God means acting on these characteristics. He does not change, but we can grow in these qualities to be more like Him. When we walk with Him in trust and obedience, we will then know ourselves better and begin to love others more compassionately.

Watch part 3 of a series on Relational Spirituality, based on content from Facet 1 of Ken’s book Conformed to His Image.

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