1 DVD: Understanding Muslims

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After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 in New York and the war on terrorism in Iraq, American awareness of the religion of Islam has reached an unprecedented high. But with so much ignorance of and misinformation about the true nature of Islam, many are left without answers in understanding the basis and direction of what is considered to be one of the great world religions.

Dr. Ken Boa takes a balanced look at Islam in this audio/visual presentation, including many direct quotes from the Koran, and considers the following key questions:

What is Islam?
Who Is Allah?
Is Islam a Religion of Peace?
What Does the Koran Teach About Jesus?
How Do We Share Jesus with Muslims?

Get your copy of this great teaching DVD today. It consists of an animated PowerPoint presentation taught by Dr. Ken Boa. Please note that this presentation is included in the Understanding Islam 4-DVD set sold here.