Tool 16: The One Anothers: Investing in Relationships

In my (Ken’s) book Conformed to His Image, I list out the following exhortations (33 positive and 7 negative for a total of 40), with the following explanation:

In this world, we are part of a community of pilgrims who are traveling toward God, and we are meant to assist, nurture, and encourage one another along the way. Commitment to a local community of faith enhances personal growth by providing a corporate context for identity, involvement, and ministry. This commitment to mutual nurture and service is most clearly expressed in the New Testament reciprocal “one another” commands.1

The Exercise:

Read through this list and flag the commands that stick out to you. Which one (or two, or a few) do you need to work on in order to recalibrate your relationships? Consider posting those on your wall or bathroom mirror, or putting them into an alert/reminder on your phone. Whenever you see them, pray for God’s help in following through on His command.

Example: If you struggle with being critical of other people, especially in your speech, put Romans 14:19 (“Pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding”) and James 4:11 (“Do not speak against one another”) somewhere where you’ll see these two commands a few times a day—maybe in a place where you tend to find yourself making critical comments.

[1] Kenneth Boa, Conformed to His Image: Biblical, Practical Approaches to Spiritual Formation, rev. ed. 
(Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Academic, 2020), 457–458.

Recalibrate Your Life: Navigating Transitions with Purpose and Hope

Times of transition, especially in midlife or later life, are ideal moments for recalibrating our priorities and habits. Gain practical tools and the eternal perspective needed to evaluate your God-given gifts, skills, wisdom, resources, and opportunities in order to life meaningfully now and for the rest of your earthly sojourn.


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