Nurturing Spirituality, Part 5: A Biblical Philosophy of Discipleship II

Ken Boa continues to discuss principles of discipleship—why we disciple—picking up with the fifth in the list below (“Reproduction is a mark of discipleship”):

  • We must be disciples to make disciples
  • Discipleship is a dependent process (an ongoing event that relies on the work of the Spirit; God is the one who causes growth)
  • Concentration is crucial to multiplication (training a few vs. spreading ourselves thin across the multitudes)
  • People are not our disciples (they’re Jesus’)
  • Reproduction is a mark of discipleship
  • There is no maturity without ministry
  • We cannot measure our ministries
  • Discipleship is more than a program
  • Discipleship requires a servant attitude
  • Spiritual friendship is a component of discipleship
  • Effective discipleship requires more than one method1

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  1. These draw from chapter 30 of Boa, Conformed to His Image (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2001), pp. 370–376.