Nurturing Spirituality, Part 4: A Biblical Philosophy of Discipleship I

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Ken Boa begins to outline a biblical philosophy of discipleship—why we disciple, which is an important starting point so that our perspective on its purposes shapes our practice rather than the other way around. Principles behind the purpose of discipleship include the following (the first four are covered in this session):

  • We must be disciples to make disciples
  • Discipleship is a dependent process (an ongoing event that relies on the work of the Spirit; God is the one who causes growth)
  • Concentration is crucial to multiplication (training a few vs. spreading ourselves thin across the multitudes)
  • People are not our disciples (they’re Jesus’)
  • Reproduction is a mark of discipleship
  • There is no maturity without ministry
  • We cannot measure our ministries
  • Discipleship is more than a program
  • Discipleship requires a servant attitude
  • Spiritual friendship is a component of discipleship
  • Effective discipleship requires more than one method1

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  1. These draw from chapter 30 of Boa, Conformed to His Image (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2001), pp. 370–376.