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Walking with God in the Valley

The song “Christ Is Mine Forevermore” did that for me on a recent Sunday morning, especially these lines:

Mine are tears in times of sorrow
Darkness not yet understood
Through the valley I must travel
Where I see no earthly good
But mine is peace that flows from heaven
And the strength in times of need
I know my pain will not be wasted
Christ completes his work in me

The first time I heard these lyrics several years ago,

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Ethiopian refugees speak on persecution, 2020

Counting Persecution as a Privilege

But that didn’t stop one Ethiopian man from continuing to witness for Christ. Tilahun along with his wife, Meseret, eventually fled to the United States, where they speak of the important role persecution played in shaping their faith.

Persecution transformed me in a way that I would not go back again.
—Tilahun, Refugee from Ethiopia

Jesus Is Enough!

Despite tracing its origins to the first century,

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