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Purpose in Our Pain

George Dennehy was born without arms. But even in the midst of his suffering, he has hope. Why? Because he knows God has a purpose in it.

The Ministry of Suffering

Rebekah Howe was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a debilitating condition that would cause many to despair. But God turned her suffering into a ministry.

Jenny Abel Video Screen Capture

Walking with God in the Valley

Jenny Abel describes her struggle with infertility through the song “Christ is Mine Forevermore.” Though we walk in a valley, God will not waste our pain.

Ethiopian refugees speak on persecution, 2020

Counting Persecution as a Privilege

Preaching the gospel to his church almost got him assassinated. But Tilahun and his wife, Meseret, view this persecution as a privilege.

Head shot of Nate Hoff, Seminary Professor

Moving From Despair to Hope

Seminary professor Nate Hoff describes his spiral into depression and crisis before God graciously intervened in his suffering, moving him from despair to hope.

Growth Through Grief

In grief, we can choose to remain dormant or to grow. But to experience the new growth of spring, it is essential that in the dark, winter season we, like a bare tree, respond to the Light.

The Four Whys of Pain

There are four responses to difficult circumstances: The Why of Grumbling, the Why of Grief, the Why of Guidance, and the Why of Gratitude.