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Being, Knowing, and Doing—Part 12 (Work)

As an activity that dominates much of our time in life, work is an extremely important area to think clearly and biblically about, especially in terms of our relationships in that arena.

Being, Knowing, and Doing—Part 9: Relationships (Parenting Continued)

Parents are mediators of God’s love in their children’s lives, modeling the unconditional acceptance we have in Christ (not based on our performance). It’s therefore vital that parents walk by the Spirit in order to live out this calling in their hearts, home, and habits.

Being, Knowing, and Doing—Part 6: Relationships (Marriage)

In this third session on marriage, Ken Boa discusses concepts like, “1 + 1 = 1 in marriage,” the husband’s call to lead his wife in love, differences in romantic and other kinds of love, and practical tips for showing love to one’s spouse.