Being, Knowing, and Doing—Part 9: Relationships (Parenting Continued)

This entry is part 9 of 44 in the series Being, Knowing, and Doing

Parents are mediators of God’s love in their children’s lives, modeling the unconditional acceptance we have in Christ (not based on our performance). It’s therefore vital that parents walk by the Spirit in order to live out this calling in their hearts, home, and habits.

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The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1–12)

Delivered to the disciples (Matthew 5:2), the Beatitudes were clearly intended for those who had given their allegiance to Christ. They do not show how one enters into a relationship with God, but describe the characteristics manifested by one who is born anew. All Christians are meant to manifest all of these characteristics. These descriptions do not refer to natural tendencies, and illustrate the true difference between the Christian and the non-Christian.

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