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The Wisdom of Fearing God

Apart from God, you have no hope. But the book of Ecclesiastes teaches us that there is hope, and there is wisdom in fearing God.

Is This All There Is?

“Is this all there is?” This is the question we find ourselves asking when we achieve a goal, thinking it will have given us our heart’s desire. But whether we strive for popularity, power, possessions, or prestige, we will find that the things of this world cannot satisfy us.

Psalms 119 and 127: A Firm Foundation

One of the wisest things you can do is to put your unflinching trust in God. If your joy is dependent on circumstances, it will not be stable. On the other hand, surrendering to God provides ultimate security and satisfaction. 

Psalms 37 and 73: Hope Despite Injustice

Either life is meaningless, or it isn’t—there are no options in between. If life is meaningless, then this temporal world is all we have, and it will quickly pass away. But the wisdom Psalms teach us the truth: life has meaning, and that meaning is rooted in our eternal God.

How to Cultivate an Eternal Value System

Why is it so difficult to sustain a reverential and humble attitude toward God? It is because, embedded in our fallen human nature, there is a clash between two opposing value systems.

Identity Affirmations 4

In times of cultural chaos, we need to live by faith and not by fear. Life is short, but God has given an eternal inheritance to those who love Him.

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The Eight Spiritual Essentials, Part 8: Living Each Day Well

Many people miscalculate the brevity of life and the length of eternity. They put their hope in Jesus for their eternal destiny, but they put their hope in the world for everything else. Scripture calls us to live wisely and well, not presuming upon the future or assuming we have all the time in the world.