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Ruth 3: Behind the Scenes

Appearances can be deceiving. A man and a woman meeting in a secluded location after dark—an outsider may jump to immediate conclusions. But the story of Ruth shows the virtuous character of Ruth and Boaz as they seek to honor the Lord with their obedience, coming to know Him as they recognize Him at work behind the scenes.

Judges 2: A Pattern of Idolatry

The book of Judges stands as a sad, stark contrast to the book of Joshua. Whereas the people of the conquest obeyed the Lord under Joshua’s leadership, they quickly fell into rebellion after his death. Because they had set aside God’s law, their enemies were defeating and oppressing them.

Romans 8: Living in the Spirit

How do we memorialize the works of God? Joshua 4 teaches us to set up ebenezers—physical reminders that help us recalibrate our lives and honor God.

The Clarity of the New Covenant

Having explored the clarity of the new covenant, Paul prays that his fellow believers would be enabled to live well out of their enlightenment in Christ.

Exodus 19: The Covenant to Come

God is about to reveal the standards and requirements that He mandates for His people, not to be tyrannical, but rather for their good. His desire is that “If you’ll only obey and walk in My ways then all would be well for You.”