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A Critical Look at Darwinian Evolution

Where did we come from? This question of man’s origins has long been at the center of the thoughts of philosophers, scientists, and “ordinary” people alike. How we answer this question informs our answers to many other fundamental questions, such as:  Where are we going? Why are we

Image as Declaration Casting a Vision to the World

“Image is everything.” We have often heard this, and for the sake of a photograph, it is true. But when it comes to reality, if there is a gap between the image and what is behind the image, then that image is simply a façade.

More than Knowledge

Unlike the gods of other religions, we have a God who has chosen to make Himself known to us so that we can have a relationship with Him.

The Study of God

In every order of magnitude, what is God telling us about Himself? The beauty we see in creation should drive us to seek to know Him in Scripture. Knowing God—not just in your head, but in your heart—will make all the difference in your life.

Science, Faith, and Reason: Biogenesis and Information Theory

In the 19th century, individual cells were thought to be the simple building blocks that made up complex organisms. Since then, however, we have discovered that the cells themselves are just as complex as the organisms they are a part of. The more we study them, the more astonishing and elegant they appear.

Living a Life of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

We have been created and redeemed to glorify God as living incarnations of His wisdom. In the conclusion of his “Life of Wisdom” series, Ken Boa discusses ten attributes that should mark a wise disciple of Jesus

Perception: Cultivating a Seeing Eye

What does it look like to live as a disciple of Christ in this world? One of the ten marks of a disciple is perception: learning to use nature to amplify your delight in and fear of the Lord.

Lessons from Creation

As we look at creation, we need to train our eyes to see beyond what is visible and praise our God for His glory on display.